Thursday, September 10, 2009

Current Show


Independent Residency Program Exhibition

(September 9th – 20th)

Toronto School of Art presents, Somebodies, a group exhibition featuring works by artists participating in the school’s Independent Residency Program. Participants share an interest in the human body in all it’s aspects from the visceral, to the poetic, from the social to the metaphorical and even the rhythmic. The body is depicted in some work, while merely implied in others. The pieces often acknowledge how encounters with artwork occur in a physical, bodily way as much as a visual way. The range of media includes drawing, painting, print making, collage and assemblage.

The Independent Residency Program is a 13 week self-directed summer residency program at the Toronto School of Art. The program is designed for practicing professional artists who have completed their formal training. Participants have access to a semi-private studio with five other artists, group meetings, critiques, a workshop and an artist talk. This year’s participating faculty artists were Gretchen Sankey, Luke Painter and the guest artist was Ginette Legaré . Meetings with program co-coordinator Lyla Rye included visits with Mary Sue Rankin, Edward Day Gallery; David Liss, MOCCA; and visits to Olga Korper Gallery, Peak Gallery and Christopher Cutts Gallery.