Thursday, November 25, 2010

Artwork up for auction at Gallery 101 this Saturday Night!

Saturday, December 4, 2010 
240 Bank Street
Doors open at 7pm – 1am

Featuring: DJs The O’Malley’s and Jas Nasty
MC: Rob Clipperton

Tickets:  $10 or $15 at the door
or at After Stonewall- 370 Bank Street, Collected Works – 1242 Wellington St. W., Mags & Fags – 254 Elgin

Mad about the arts: 101 Frames gets a little bit ‘wrath’ful
101 FRAMES, Gallery 101’s largest annual fundraiser, is thinking outside the frame with its 7-year plan to shake things up in downtown Ottawa.  On Saturday, December 4th, 2010, Gallery 101, with title sponsor Knowledge Circle, will host this highly respected and anticipated event–the third of its seven years of THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS. Each year, we ask artists to interpret a different deadly sin. Last year’s event, PRIDE, followed year one’s LUST, and while we don’t want to get a swelled head, it was an outstanding success, with pride-worthy artworks, performances worth boasting about, uppity DJs spinning bold tunes, and a bar to brag about. This year, G101 invites artists to make art that engages with the most vicious sin in the bunch: WRATH. You wouldn’t like us when we’re angry, so please help us spread the word that Gallery 101 is proud to support the arts community in Ottawa for over 30 years.

This year, 101 FRAMES has invited local and regional artists to open up a can of whoop-@$$ by creating artwork with a central theme of WRATH for this year’s silent art auction, which is to be followed by a raucous dance party.

Other sinful features of the event will include door prizes to fight over, smoking hot appetizers, vicious beats, and some surprisingly sinful entertainment and performances. Our over 400 guests will gratify themselves with a night of arts and culture which showcases the talent of Ottawa’s arts community and also supports G101, a local, non-profit artist-run centre.

Proceeds from the auction help Gallery 101 maintain its services to artists and the community. This event is supported and made possible by our local artists, volunteers and friends.

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